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23 June Webinar

On 23 June, New Nordic Development hosted a webinar, which was attended live by around 300 clients.  We have since created unofficial texts of this meeting in French and Russian.

We have also embedded the recording from the webinar for those who were unable to join us.




This portal aims to provide information from the New Nordic Group in Thailand regarding the ongoing rehabilitation being carried out under Section 90 of the Bankruptcy Act B.E. 2483 (1940 A.D.), as amended.  

The notices provided herein will be both official and unofficial announcements as well as various court filings.

The portal also provides general background on the Thai Bankruptcy Act.  Note that this is general information and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE.  By using this website, you hereby understand and accept the limitations of this portal. If you require further clarifications, you are advised to consult a professional.

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